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Summer Fun


Longer days, hotter weather, it’s summer time and with the season brings many activities that have become tradition to many families.

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When your younger summer is the best time of year. School’s out and you get a few months to have as much fun as you can while you can before the school year starts again in September. I remember wanting to do so many things and I would constantly ask my mother can we do this? Oh and I want to do this? And can we also do this _______, this summer? After many questions and reply’s of, “yes dear but we have the whole summer”, my mother suggested to make a list of everything I wanted to do that summer and to cross each thing as we did them. Of course at first it seemed like more homework but then I came to the conclusion that this would be the best way to ensure that I got to do everything I wanted to so when school came back around and the teacher went around the room and asked if we did anything interesting during summer break I could hold my hand up high and amaze everyone with the things I had done.

But summer isn’t just for the kids. Summer is to be enjoyed by everyone so I suggest that everyone make a list of some things you have your heart set on doing this summer and to keep it where you will see it and be constantly reminded.

If your starting your list right now then let me give some activities that, as I mentioned above, have become like a summer tradition to some people to better enjoy the summer months.

1. Sleep in a tent under the stars
2. Cannon ball into a pool on a hot day
3. Go for a boat ride
4. Roast a marshmallow on a campfire
5. See a firework show
6. Take a long bike ride
7. Meet some new friends
8. Travel to a new place
9. Have a big BBQ
10. Spend a day at the beach

If you got more ideas that you’ve made into summer traditions comment and tell me and don’t forget to make your list whether it’s on paper hanging from your fridge, or whether it’s on your social media, it’s a good way to see each day of summer go un-wasted.


When I first started this class I’m not going to lie, I thought it was going to be a pain because I rarely engaged in social media with the exception of Facebook every blue moon. I wasn’t attracted to the idea of making a Twitter account or starting a blog or anything like that. Now that it is all over with I came to the conclusion that it really wasn’t that bad. Yes I had to participate in Tweetchats and write a weekly blog (oh the horror..) but I can honestly say I have walked away from this class having furthered my knowledge in Social Media.

My first blog – “My Knowledge of Social Media” I talked about how Social Media is a big part of the business world and everyday life but I wasn’t educated on just how much it really was. I’ve learned about social media platforms that I didn’t even know existed. I think my thoughts have changed because now I use social media to be succesful as an Independent Sales Representative for Avon. Social Media allows me to connect with my customers by taking their orders, informing them of issues, and letting them know when the next campaigns are coming out and set up dates and times for me to drop them off. My ideas on how some of the older generations are foreign to social media have changed a bit because I see more and more older people using social media now. My ideas that haven’t changed are that social media is used to advertise, communicate, work, play, and connect.

I have learned that Social Media’s impact on business is much larger than I knew before this course. If businesses are neglecting their accounts on different social media platforms then they are losing customers. There is nothing more disappointing than a company claiming they have great customer service or that they care about their customers and then when customers try to express their issues on social media and the company never responds. If you are a business using social media you can’t just “wing-it” you need a social media plan so that you are prepared and you can be professional even using social media.

On my first blog I said that I wished to further my knowledge on social media sites that I’m not already familiar and I have. I have learned more about Twitter, Pinterest, Google Drive and Blogs. I would like to walk away with the knowledge of how to use social media in a professional and successful way in the future. I would like to get more involved with different social media platforms or maybe focus more on making the ones I have work to my advantage with a social media plan.

“Social Media is an advancing field and if you’re a business you’ve got to be involved with it because your customers are and expect it of you,” this sentence from my first blog is still the case for me and now that I’ve taken this course I hope that I can be a better social media user. I do see more pros of social media now but in my honest opinion I still like face-to-face communication the best.

Measuring Online Progress.

With using social media comes great responsibility. Nothing is private and everything you post online can potentially damage your reputation, your company`s reputation, or a co-workers reputation. Every company should have a Social Media Policy to “reinforce your organization’s existing corporate culture and provide practical guidance to those governed by the social media policy.” (Schwartzman, 2012). If your company has a social media policy then they should also have a way of measuring their progress on social media and there are many digital tools / services that can help them do that. Three things to focus your measurement on are; Reach (influence, relevance, interest), Engagement (Replies, retweets, comments, shares, likes), and Sentiment (Negative or positive responses or talk about you). Some examples of measurement tools are; StatCounter, Chartbeat, Klout, Youtube stats, and many others more. The three I will be focusing on will be StatCounter, Retweet Rank, and Facebook Insights.

StatCounter is a visitor analysis for your website. It can be used to monitor actual human activity in real time. Some pros of StatCounter are; its free of charge, it has many features, you can try a free demo. To learn how StatCounter works go here to -> StatCounter has many features but I am going to focus on only five main ones that i believe are most useful to a business or company using social media which are;
Configurable counter – A visible counter on your site that allows visitors to view your total page loads or unique visits to date. You can customize it`s look to match your website design.
Popular Pages – A tool that allows you to see pages of your site ranked by popularity. This allows you to identify the most visited pages, and can help you discover important pages that are being overlooked which could mean there is poor navigation structure/linking to the page.
Came From – A tool that allows you to see how your visitors are finding your site and where they are coming from. This helps identify links on other sites that are or are not working, and help trace where visitors are referring to your site.
Keyword Analysis – A tool that allows you to view the keywords used to find your site by popularity. This can help show you which keywords are working and which aren`t. You can also group keywords according to the search engine used, to focus in on results from specific engines.
Returning Visits – A tool that identifies what percentage of your visitors are returning, how many times they have returned, and how many are first time visitors. This can help you identify ways to promote repeat visits.
These are all some pros of the Statcounter site. These features can help a business see how popular their website is, see which pages of their site are the most popular, identify how visitors are finding out about their site, keywords that visitors search that leads them to their site, and how many of their visitors are returning to their website. If traffic to a businesses site is at a low percentage the business might haft to change their site to be more informative or inviting to attract more visits. If there is an important page that is continually being overlooked then there are things a business can do to generate more traffic to the pages that they want like; attaching a link on the most popular pages on their site to the page they want more traffic on, they can make that their homepage if possible, etc. If a business knows where their visits are coming from they can identify which search engines, websites, or keywords are working and which aren`t. From there they can change to the more popular sites, or search engines their site appears on so that their site gets noticed more. They can also change keywords on their site to the more popular ones so that their site appears more often as well.
The next one I`ll be looking at is Retweet Rank – a simple measurement tool on the social media site Twitter. This tool allows you to track your rank and number of retweets. The pros of this tool are; that it is current by being updated every 1 -2 hours, it has an approximate of 4.5 million users so most likely your competition is also using this as a tool and if you can be at a higher rank than them you are generally using Twitter more successfully, and your rank is calculated by all recent retweets, number of followers, friends and lists of a user, so the more actively you use any update your Twitter account the more likely you will rise in rank. For example if you rank is 3,940 that means that you are the 394,0th most influential person on Twitter. The cons of this tool are that there is really only one feature and it only relates to Twitter. This tool cannot be used to; follow new people, update your profile, post tweets, access direct messages, or see Twitter password. A business can use this data as feedback as to how successfully they are using Twitter. By using this information a business can improve their Twitter account by tweeting more relevant information or information that followers can relate to or like and by doing so they can attract more followers and have their tweets retweeted more often raising them in rank as well. Businesses can also use this as a strategy to stay above their competition. For example if their competition is at a higher rank then they are they can relate back to their competition Twitter page and see what they are doing differently and then they can update their page accordingly.
The last social media tool I looked at was Facebook Insights.This tool provides Facebook page owners /platform developers with measurements of their content. It is very similar to StatCounter. The pros of this tool are; it analyzes trends of user growth/demographics, consumption and creation of content which can help Facebook page owners /platform developers improve their business with Facebook. There are two types of Facebook insights: User Insights: Total page Likes, or a number of fans, daily active users, new Likes/Unlikes, demographics, page views and unique page views, tab views, external referrers, media consumption. Interactions Insights: Daily story feedback (post Likes, post comments, per post impressions), daily page activity (mentions, discussions, reviews, wall posts, video posts). The types of data offered that would be useful to a business are;

Monthly fan size growth: Record the # of fans you have on the first of every month and if you are growing each month you are doing well. You can also calculate weekly growth. Watch for the spikes in fan growth and try to identify what contributes to those spikes.

The average # of Likes or comments: This measures how well you are doing with engagement. If you can find out the average # of times fans interacted with you for each post, you can identify which content are of more interest to your fans. Increase the number of posts around the topic your fans are more engaged with and decrease the number of posts around topics they are not interested in.

Unlikes and attrition rate: Watch for spikes in the unlike numbers. Try to understand why people are leaving your page.

Demographics: Demographics data useful: the gender of your fans, their ages and where they are from.

Page views: Can help you identify the # of returned fans.

Mentions: The # of times someone tagged you in their post. Every time someone tags you, the name of your Page appears as a link. It is much easier for someone to click on that link and learn more than to search for your Page manually.

Tab views: If you have multiple tabs on your page, it will tell you which tab gets what percentage of traffic. This metric can help you decide which tabs you want to keep and are effective and which aren`t.

Referrers: Tells you where the traffic to your page comes from. Increase traffic on your page with the most popular sites or the ones that bring you the most traffic.

All of these tools are helpful ways of measuring your online progress. Some are more detailed or have more features than others but as a business you haft to research, and try them out to find out which one is right for online business. Most of them are free so there is no excuse on why you arèn`t using them. The cons are limited as far as I can tell and they`re a small price to pay when your online business could be more successful by understanding them and using these social media tools.

A Social Media Strategy.

When using social media as a tool for your business you could just sign up on any site and ‘wing it’ but that’s not makes you successful. Having a social media plan allows you to establish your company’s purpose, goals, and to outline procedures like; how to create content, engage with the online audience and deal with negative comments or feedback that can be easily understood. By creating a social media plan and making goals you can expand your company, your target audiences, and ultimately bring in more business.


Extreme Promotional Materials is a company that supplies customized uniforms and promotional materials. For the last 15 years they have been coming up with new and creative ways to serve its customers needs to establish a positive relationships. What better way to display past accomplishments, expand their client base, and get their name out there than with social media? By creating a social media plan for Extreme Promotional Materials it ensures that they stayed focused on how to use it properly and reach any future goals. Facebook is not the only the most popular social media site, it offers many tools that others don’t. For example, audiences can give feedback through comments or likes. Facebook is the right social media tool for Extreme Promotional Materials because they can display photos and information on their previous accomplishments, they can create and post creative ideas for their target audience. The target audience can provide the company with an idea of what they want and post it on their Facebook page. The company can communicate with clients from all over the world giving them more experience, a variety of difficult challenges, and a bigger client base.

Mission, Vision, Goals:

Extreme Promotional Materials is an inventive, friendly company that works with quality manufacturers to provide a variety of customized goods to sports teams and medium-sized businesses. Our vision is to fulfill our clients needs in a creative and unique way that speaks to them. By using Facebook, Extreme Promotional Materials hopes to achieve a larger client base from all different areas and to open a better line of communication so that we give our clients exactly what they want. Our Facebook page will help keep us on track with our goals by reaching towards a larger community online, and by allowing us to contact each other to receive feedback from online chats, messages, posts, comments, photos, and likes.

Key Messages:

Extreme Promotional Materials predominately serves the region of South Eastern Ontario but is always looking to expand into greater markets. Extreme Promotional Materials has spent the last 15 years satisfying clients and building positive relationships along the way.

Target Audiences:

By using social media Extreme Promotional Materials is trying to reach clients with a need for customized products to support their team, business, company, brand, etc. Extreme Promotional Materials is also looking to reach an audience outside of South Eastern Ontario, and also to expand their services. Extreme Promotional Materials wishes to gain new opportunities and learning experiences to improve their already creative services.

Social Media Tools:

Extreme Promotional Materials’ Facebook page will allow them to use social media tools to better their online business. By uploading photo’s of their past accomplishments they are displaying their talents to their online audience. The album tool can help them organize their photos into different categories. By posting status’ and photos daily they can keep their clients up-to-date on new products, services, deals, discounts, contests, upcoming and current projects, and events. Audiences can like or comment on the posts to give feedback which then Extreme Promotional Materials can take into consideration and learn from it. Facebook chat and messaging allows Extreme Promotional Materials to communicate instantly with their clients to solve issues, ask questions, and sort out details from anywhere at anytime. Each social media tool will be of benefit to Extreme Promotional Materials.

Social Media Engagement Strategy:

The mission, vision, and goals outlines what the company is, what it stands, for, and what  it’s hoping to achieve through social media. The mission statement will outline what they do and why they are doing it. Key messages highlights the most important facts clients should look at to help them decide if Extreme Promotional Materials is right for their needs. Also posting daily content, photos, and videos will provide audiences with an ides of the companies abilities and creative style. By stating their target audience they can focus on improving the company to suit the needs of a bigger client base. Knowing how to use the social media tools right will allow them to be succesful in updating their page, posting content, and engaging with their audience.

Social Media is a great tool for business but not everyone takes into consideration the thought process behind it. Having a social media plan will help you keep your page relevent, up-to-date, and professional. It also allows to clearly focus on where you want your company to go and how you want it to improve and grow.

Positive Online Image.

Anything you post on the Internet that is inappropriate or gives you a negative image is out there for LIFE. All it takes is for one person to see it, respond to it, or copy and paste it and that thing you posted when you were angry, or upset, or when you just were thinking straight is now out their for the world to see and sorry to tell you but chances of someone not noticing it are really slim. So when you are on a social networking site or on any site on the internet think hard and long about what you display, post, like, or comment on because it could be the reason why you’re not getting that interview to the job you applied for.

Of course it’s not always easy to screen everything you put out online but there are some good ways to help you so you don’t make that mistake of doing harm to your online image. The internet has spread and everyone is using it now that Wi-Fi and high-speed are convenient and affordable options. Social networking sites are growing just as fast and now employers aren’t just relying on your cover letter, resume, and references they are looking at your online image to get a sense of who you really are outside the professional setting.

To help you maintain a professional image online there are many tips and hints so that you can rest easy when your next potential future employer decides to “Google” your name. A statistic from says that 69% of Americans are actively seeking work so if an employer has a choice between you and others applying for the job and they have a professional online image and you don’t then guess what, your competition probably just swayed the employer in their direction.

Things that cause a negative online image are; profanity, bad spelling/grammar, illegal drugs, alcohol, sexual, and religious. Stay away from posting, liking or even commenting on any of these things because if it can be linked back to you then you’ve just jeopardize your online image.

Some tips for having a positive online image are; displaying your contact information, avoiding the things I’ve listed above, having things that show character, qualifications, creativity, communication skills, good references and awards, and of course never ever have anything negative about your past, current or future employers, co-workers, or the business. Having this will make an employer doubt whether to give you a chance because they don’t want themselves, or their business represented poorly over social media / the internet.

The things I’m going to do to clean up my online image are; by deleting or removing  any photos, content and links that could work against you in the employer’s eyes. before I begin my job search, by being selective about who I have as friends, and by not mentioning my job search on any social media site. Even though once you post something online it’s out there forever you should still go through your profiles with a fine tooth comb to make sure inappropriate things are hidden or removed / not linked to your name. This is the first step in making your profile presentable so it’s important. Next I would go through my friends list because others can see my friends when they search me. I would  make sure to remove  any of them if they could damage my image by posting inappropriate content or images of me or of anything that it won’t be linked to my name or my profile and so when my employer looks up my name their will be nothing that I don’t want them to see. Lastly I will refrain from advertising that I’m looking for a new job because my current employer might fire me or a potential employer might assume that if you search for a new job on your current company’s time, why wouldn’t you do so on theirs?

Your online image should highlight your name and what you’ve got to bring to the table. If you have a positive online image then you could be one step ahead of the other people applying for the same job because they might not be so cautious. Using social media appropriately can help you get your name out there and not affect our reputation. For a list of other ideas on how to make your profiles professional ones click this link -> Online Positive Images.


Latest Social Media Trends.

Social Media is always evolving and an important part for business that are involved with social media is to keep up to date with the latest trends. It is in a businesses best interest to be as updated as possible because consumers want the absolute best products, services, and quality that are offered and if your business doesn’t have that then they will go to the business that does, and then your out a consumer and the profits from that consumer. In my opinion if a business is well equipped and involved in the latest trends it tells me that they are ambitious because they are looking to improve and that they are organized and prepared and that is an image as a business that you want to have. Some of the top sites with the latest trends on social media are Mashable, TechCrunch, and Social Media Explorer.  I’m going to share a story from each site about social media and discuss its importance and relevance to the business world.

Let’s start with Mashable. The headline is, “Facebook Testing New Timeline Format With Single Column of Posts” by Anita Lee. This story is about Facebook changing their format style yet again. This new format changes the design for profile pages that places all posts in a single column on the left, while activity updates, friends, places, apps and other sections are on the right. It was updated to try to make the TimeLine format easier to understand for users. When it first came out many were confused on how to use it.  Facebook is starting to test this new design with a small numbers of users first to see how the feedback differs. This is important for businesses to know because they should know how to properly use the TimeLine. If the business is as confused as the users are on how to use it then it doesn’t look like they are professional or informed which looks bad for the business. This new updated version of Facebook might make it easier for business to use their Facebook profile more effectively.

Another story this time from TechCrunch is “California Threatening Developers With $2,500 Fine Per Download For Privacy Violations” by Gregory Ferenstein. It’s about the California Attorney General  threatening app developers with fines for non-compliance with privacy notification laws. The purpose of this is was for the companies to post a privacy policy within their app that informs users of what personally identifiable information is being collected from them and what they are doing with it.  If the companies fail to do this they are vulnerable to huge fines that could potentially bankrupt a small country–$2,500 per download. It’s not probable that the states would be able to collect all money from maximum fines but for example if Angry Birds violated the privacy rules, the fines collected would pay off most the debt accumulated by the United States over the last 2 years (roughly $2.5 trillion, resulting from 1 billion downloads). This is important for businesses because if you have an app related to your business (which is not such a bad idea because like I said keeping up to date with the newest technology gives your business the advantage) you need to make sure you follow the rules regarding the privacy policy because the last thing you want is bad publicity and to go bankrupt. This impacts the world of business using social media because if it forcing them to follow guidelines that are of importance to the users. Users should know how their personal information is being distributed or used, especially by the apps they download.

The last story is from Social Media Explorer. The story is called, “Becoming A Social Business Isn’t Just For Social Media” by Ilana Rabinowitz. This story is about how social media has changed how quickly we expect responses from people and our expectations of shared knowledge. The new openness has affected the way businesses need to operate. Corporate culture is more interesting to investors and consumers these days. Corporate culture that relates to the principles and ideas of social media will do better in business. To have corporate culture like social media your business must; behave like a community, not a hierarchy, management doesn’t “broadcast” directives but is open and listens to employees, communications aren’t codified, rigid and ritualistic but flexible and spontaneous, innovation is a highly valued quality, information is open, the company does not rely on controls and procedures to guide decision-making, but on collaboration. This type of corporate culture is about the bosses in the  business behaving more like a community  of managers and the employees are the customers. This relates to how social media is used in business. It’s not just a great way to keep your business up to date but it’s culture can be translated to a business environment where they have more of a community than a hierarchy. I think that employees would positively respond to this type of business because it is more friendly and open.

The latest trends for social media impact the business world in a big way because it affects the value of a business, the way they operate, and how they can be used properly to show consumers that you have the latest trends and you understand how to use them.

A Variety of Social Media.

Social Media is an excellent and updated way for business to promote their name and product/service, to inform their customers and get feedback through “likes”, comments, posts, etc., and to communicate to a bigger percentage of the population. Some of the most important people and business use social media as a tool in their success. For example: Barrack Obama uses Twitter. It’s like he continually voice his thoughts and ideas to a huge audience and win their votes no matter the time.

A few of the more popular sites are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Blogs, but they are not the only ones out there. There is quite a different variety of social media sites that are used and each one has its own unique features. So if you’re not using a social media site now get involved and sign up to see what you’re missing out on.  Just go to Google type in a social media site and click the home page to find out how to sign up. It’s that easy! Pinterest, StumbleUpon are a couple of the other social media sites and those are the ones I’m going to talk about today.

Pinterest is a new way to catalogue all your favourite pictures and ideas to make them easier to organize and see. It is a virtual online pin board where you can browse for pictures and ideas and “pin” them to different boards you’ve created. You have the option of just “like” ing them as well as commenting.  A “pin board” is slimy a grouping of posts related to a topic. For example: Gardening Tips or Recipes. You can browse pin boards that others have created and get inspired. People have used pin boards to organize ideas for weddings, gardens, recipes, decorating ideas, and a variety of other topics. This would be a great tool for a business because you can posts photos or any type of information on the product and/or services you have to offer and customer/consumers can “like” it and give you feedback through comments. This will work as a sort of performance evaluation of your business and offer a chance to improve and grow as a business. You can organize your products into different pin boards so it is easy to access and find certain ones they are looking for. Lots of people are using Pinterest so your expanding in advertising your business because you post it and then anyone else can repin it to their board, and this is a continual process so it is a really good idea to get your business well known. You also gain a better advantage over the businesses who aren’t using the site. An example of a business using Pinterest is Victoria’s Secret. Here is the link to Pinterest http:// and here is a link to a video on YouTube to show you a brief tutorial of how to use Pinterest for business http://

StumbleUpon is a website where you tell them your interests of what you are looking for and they generate a bunch of websites, videos, and photos posted on the Internet realted to that topic. As you look through the suggestions you can “like/dislike” the reccomendations they have provided you.  This is a free way for business to get connected with their audiences. I believe this site isn’t as effective as the other sites because it is less known and I’m not familiar with all the tools but has it unique traits that make it sucessful. To be a business and use StumbleUpon the right way you haft to personiliaze your page with a picture, and general information to give people a better understanding of what your business is. If you join communities realted to your business products/services to ensure traffic to your website is visited frequently. Continously “stumbling” can provide you with a high ranking within the communities that you’ve joined. When consumers/customers share your website with friends your business is being advertised for you by your customers. This is an effective feature of the website and an easy way to generate traffic to your business website and to advertise. Here is the link to the website to join http://

As a business today or for a business in the future it is important to use social media website to promote yourself, your mission, and your business to the next generation of socitey who use social media everyday in their lives. If you aren’t connected with one then your losing out on free advertising, consumers feedback, and customers in general. So get connected and update your online business frequnetly to be successful.

Pet Pawsitive Advertising.

Pet Pawsitive is a fictional business and this week my assignment is to describe in detail how I would use videos like the ever-so popular YouTube to promote this businesss. The business has two locations in Belleville and Kingston. The main service provided by the business is providing behavioral and psychological training for pets and their owners, including basic animal education, obedience, rehabilitation and service classes.  At each location there is also a retail outlet that sells all-natural and holistic pet foods and a variety of training supplies. Pet Pawsitive doesn’t sell animals but works closely with local/national shelters and humane societies to connect owners with their new pet. The company is known for being very active in each of their communities, participating in and holding events and fundraisers.

Using videos to promote this business is a good idea because websites that stream vidoes are used very frequently. YouTube is the second most visited website in the world – next to Facebook (which also has the option to upload videos). This means a world-wide audience of pet lovers. Videos can be informative, creative, emotional, etc. There are many different options on how to promote this buisness through videos like; a product and service video, videos including footage of funny or cute pets, videos focused on the community involvement the business has, demonstrational videos on how they train pets, etc.

In my opinion I think the best way to promote this business would be by using a video that incorporates product and services, a brief demonstration of pet behavioural techniques, information on the community organizaitons they are involved with and also funny or cute videos of pets because let’s face it – everyone is going to pay attention more if they can watch a funny or cute video.

Funny and cute videos of pets is good and all but since this business isn’t involved with directly selling any pets they need to focus more on what they do have which is prodcuts and services. That is why I would include information about some of the product and services in the video. Like I mention above Pet Pawsitive provides behavioural and psychological training for pets and owners so in the video I would include a quick and easy demonstration of these services to give the auidence a behind the scenes glance and get them interested enough to want to find out more. If I’m a pet owner I don’t want you to train my dog and there you go –  I want you to show me how you trained him so I can learn as well. Because this business is involved with the local/national shelters and humane societies I would have something related to that in the video to promote not only the Pet Pawsitive businesss but also the shelters and humane societies. It gives information to the audience on organizations that need adoptive parents for the disadvantge pets, donations, etc. Like I said this video will be shown  world wide to pet lovers and if your a pet lover than you care about these types of organizations because you care about pets.

Here is a description of what the video might look like. I would start the video with funny and cute videos of kittens or puppies – since they are the most popular pets, and little ones because everything seems cuter when it’s smaller. This will act as a hook for the viewer kind of like when your writing an essay. You want a good hook to attract your audience and make them want to read it. Then I would advertise the business name – Pet Pawsitive and the products they offer. I would then mention about their services and have a demonstrational video of a how to train your dog to sit or something teach the audience a quick and easy tip and behind the scenes look at the training services Pet Pawsitive has to offer. I would then mention the community organizations they are involved with and give information on how to donate money or become an owner of a much deserving pet. I would end the video repeating the buisness name, their different locations, contact information, and information about the retail stores at each location and briefly mention what they sell.

Overall videos are a great way to advertise or promote business because they are like commericials and better than posters or billboards because it offers many more features like demonstrations for example. A good way to promote the Pet Pawsitive business through video would be to have a clip of funny or cute pet videos, information on their retail stores and products, demonstration vidoe of their services, and information on the communinty organizations they are involved with.


Just for fun here is a link to a funny pet video – Enjoy! : )

La Senza on Facebook.

Facebook is the number one social media site for 2012. Facebook reported on September 14th that they had reached 1 billion users. If your a business that is a huge oppurtunity to connect with consumers, advertise your products, give updates, and be successful. La Senza is the company I chose to do this week’s blogging assignment about. La Senza is apart of the clothing industry but it offers lingere, bras, under garments, fragrances, lotions, and lip balms.

La Senza’s Facebook page has content like contensts, photos of behind the scenes photo shoots, exclusive upcoming products, and disconut deals on their products. For example; the had a Beyond Sexy contest where all you have to do is visit their page click the contest link and enter in contact information to win La Senza gift carrds. To promote this contest even further after your done entering in your information you have the option to reccomend the contest to a friend. This better promotes the contest, attracts more people to their Facebook page, and gets their company name better known.

Engaging with the consumers of your product is a big part of being successful. La Senza engages with their audience on their Facebook page through contest, asking their consumers quesitons and letting them comment to voice their opinion and by giving their consumers updates on their upcoming products. Contests attract consumers to the Facebook page and advertises their company brand. Asking for feedback lets the consumers have a say on problems, ideas, things they like about the company, what products they do or do not like, etc. This is important because people like to havbe their own opinion and they want to be heard. Feedback is  a good thing because it lets you better your ideas, and for business give the consumer more of what they want. Also by posting photos on their page about upcoming products benefits them because consumers will revist their page to see the next best thing and if they like it they’ll haft to have it. It’s a good way of advertising your new products and get people intersted before it’s even on the market.

La Senza uses beauty as the theme of their page. They also use the word sexy to promoter their products. They use photos of beautiful models wearing their products to attract consumers. This is improtant because women like to feel good about themselves, and they like to look good or feel sexy. So by uses the terms sexy and beautiful to promote your products gets womens attention because that’s what they want to be – so they’ll buy the product that lets them be that.  It’s a good gift idea for men who are unure what to buy their significant others.

La Senza overall uses their Facebook page very well. They promote their products, advertise to an audience of 1 billlion people, and get give the consumer a voice by letting them comment or like the posts on their page. These are very good ways to successfully get your business name out there, then attract consumers with photos, contests and posts about your products and keep them revisting your page wanting more and more.

AVON on Twitter.

So I am new to Twitter. I didn’t want an account, and I didn’t need one because I already am signed up for the ever-so-popular Facebook. I didn’t see a reason to join the ranks of Tweeters because I barley use my Facebook and I knew that I wouldn’t use Twitter. I used to think that it was just another site where people can ramble on, and on, and on, about their life and I thought to myself – why do i care? Now i see Twitter through a different perspective. I see it as a great tool for businesses to advertise their products and services, to connect with their customers and get feedback, and let’s face it businesses have to stay with the times to be successsful. This week’s assignment was to find a buisness that is using Twitter and talk about how their using there account so I chose Avon because I buy from them frequently and I wanted to use this as an oppurtunity to find out more about the company.

Avon’s Twitter account is frequently updated and they stay active with their Tweets. There Tweets mainly focus on their new and exsisting products, their new representattives, their ambassadors, beauty tips, and fashion. Basically there talk about everything they are involved from makeup to clothing.

They engage their audience by posting things of interest like the Emmy’s, but they post about things that are related to their product. So for an example they posted about the host and how she was turning heads. They are also engaging with their audiences beacuse they have a sidebar that shows recently posted photos. Some of the photos are of their products

In my opion they use there account well because they post information about their products keeping customers up to date and informed of upcoming products. It easy to access their Twitter account for information because you can do it online from anywhere instead of trying to get their magazines or trying to contact the closest representative.

Overall Avon along with many other business are using Twitter sucessfully to promote their products, and satifsfy the majority of their customers who use Twitter and other social media sites. Here’s the link to the Avon Twitter page below.

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