Picking and eating fiddleheads – a past-time in Tweed. Fiddleheads are a type of fern, given the name Fiddlehead because just that before they completely mature into a fern they look like the end of a crafted fiddle. You can find fiddle heads in the early spring months and throughout the summer. Don’t wait too long to look as they don’t stay in the form of fiddleheads forever. As they continue to grow they uncurl to open up into a fern that loves the shady areas under trees.

Many people in Tweed love fiddleheads not because of their catchy name, not because they are especially rare and worth millions but too simply boil or fry them up and eat them!

I know what your thinking – they don’t know any better,  but Fiddlehead recipes are quite common and quite good.

There are many recipes that can turn these simple greens into a delicious treat! Before cooking fiddleheads make sure that you cut off any brown or bad spots and wash them thoroughly under cold water.

After that you are free to make your own recipe and try them with whatever you like!

Some of the more popular ways to eat them are to boil them and top it off with olive oil or melted butter, or to add them into salads, wraps, or pastas.

See if you can find some Fiddleheads and cook them up for supper – you’ll be surprised at the taste and the different ways to eat them, you might just have to try them all!