Longer days, hotter weather, it’s summer time and with the season brings many activities that have become tradition to many families.

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When your younger summer is the best time of year. School’s out and you get a few months to have as much fun as you can while you can before the school year starts again in September. I remember wanting to do so many things and I would constantly ask my mother can we do this? Oh and I want to do this? And can we also do this _______, this summer? After many questions and reply’s of, “yes dear but we have the whole summer”, my mother suggested to make a list of everything I wanted to do that summer and to cross each thing as we did them. Of course at first it seemed like more homework but then I came to the conclusion that this would be the best way to ensure that I got to do everything I wanted to so when school came back around and the teacher went around the room and asked if we did anything interesting during summer break I could hold my hand up high and amaze everyone with the things I had done.

But summer isn’t just for the kids. Summer is to be enjoyed by everyone so I suggest that everyone make a list of some things you have your heart set on doing this summer and to keep it where you will see it and be constantly reminded.

If your starting your list right now then let me give some activities that, as I mentioned above, have become like a summer tradition to some people to better enjoy the summer months.

1. Sleep in a tent under the stars
2. Cannon ball into a pool on a hot day
3. Go for a boat ride
4. Roast a marshmallow on a campfire
5. See a firework show
6. Take a long bike ride
7. Meet some new friends
8. Travel to a new place
9. Have a big BBQ
10. Spend a day at the beach

If you got more ideas that you’ve made into summer traditions comment and tell me and don’t forget to make your list whether it’s on paper hanging from your fridge, or whether it’s on your social media, it’s a good way to see each day of summer go un-wasted.