When I first started this class I’m not going to lie, I thought it was going to be a pain because I rarely engaged in social media with the exception of Facebook every blue moon. I wasn’t attracted to the idea of making a Twitter account or starting a blog or anything like that. Now that it is all over with I came to the conclusion that it really wasn’t that bad. Yes I had to participate in Tweetchats and write a weekly blog (oh the horror..) but I can honestly say I have walked away from this class having furthered my knowledge in Social Media.

My first blog – “My Knowledge of Social Media” I talked about how Social Media is a big part of the business world and everyday life but I wasn’t educated on just how much it really was. I’ve learned about social media platforms that I didn’t even know existed. I think my thoughts have changed because now I use social media to be succesful as an Independent Sales Representative for Avon. Social Media allows me to connect with my customers by taking their orders, informing them of issues, and letting them know when the next campaigns are coming out and set up dates and times for me to drop them off. My ideas on how some of the older generations are foreign to social media have changed a bit because I see more and more older people using social media now. My ideas that haven’t changed are that social media is used to advertise, communicate, work, play, and connect.

I have learned that Social Media’s impact on business is much larger than I knew before this course. If businesses are neglecting their accounts on different social media platforms then they are losing customers. There is nothing more disappointing than a company claiming they have great customer service or that they care about their customers and then when customers try to express their issues on social media and the company never responds. If you are a business using social media you can’t just “wing-it” you need a social media plan so that you are prepared and you can be professional even using social media.

On my first blog I said that I wished to further my knowledge on social media sites that I’m not already familiar and I have. I have learned more about Twitter, Pinterest, Google Drive and Blogs. I would like to walk away with the knowledge of how to use social media in a professional and successful way in the future. I would like to get more involved with different social media platforms or maybe focus more on making the ones I have work to my advantage with a social media plan.

“Social Media is an advancing field and if you’re a business you’ve got to be involved with it because your customers are and expect it of you,” this sentence from my first blog is still the case for me and now that I’ve taken this course I hope that I can be a better social media user. I do see more pros of social media now but in my honest opinion I still like face-to-face communication the best.