When using social media as a tool for your business you could just sign up on any site and ‘wing it’ but that’s not makes you successful. Having a social media plan allows you to establish your company’s purpose, goals, and to outline procedures like; how to create content, engage with the online audience and deal with negative comments or feedback that can be easily understood. By creating a social media plan and making goals you can expand your company, your target audiences, and ultimately bring in more business.


Extreme Promotional Materials is a company that supplies customized uniforms and promotional materials. For the last 15 years they have been coming up with new and creative ways to serve its customers needs to establish a positive relationships. What better way to display past accomplishments, expand their client base, and get their name out there than with social media? By creating a social media plan for Extreme Promotional Materials it ensures that they stayed focused on how to use it properly and reach any future goals. Facebook is not the only the most popular social media site, it offers many tools that others don’t. For example, audiences can give feedback through comments or likes. Facebook is the right social media tool for Extreme Promotional Materials because they can display photos and information on their previous accomplishments, they can create and post creative ideas for their target audience. The target audience can provide the company with an idea of what they want and post it on their Facebook page. The company can communicate with clients from all over the world giving them more experience, a variety of difficult challenges, and a bigger client base.

Mission, Vision, Goals:

Extreme Promotional Materials is an inventive, friendly company that works with quality manufacturers to provide a variety of customized goods to sports teams and medium-sized businesses. Our vision is to fulfill our clients needs in a creative and unique way that speaks to them. By using Facebook, Extreme Promotional Materials hopes to achieve a larger client base from all different areas and to open a better line of communication so that we give our clients exactly what they want. Our Facebook page will help keep us on track with our goals by reaching towards a larger community online, and by allowing us to contact each other to receive feedback from online chats, messages, posts, comments, photos, and likes.

Key Messages:

Extreme Promotional Materials predominately serves the region of South Eastern Ontario but is always looking to expand into greater markets. Extreme Promotional Materials has spent the last 15 years satisfying clients and building positive relationships along the way.

Target Audiences:

By using social media Extreme Promotional Materials is trying to reach clients with a need for customized products to support their team, business, company, brand, etc. Extreme Promotional Materials is also looking to reach an audience outside of South Eastern Ontario, and also to expand their services. Extreme Promotional Materials wishes to gain new opportunities and learning experiences to improve their already creative services.

Social Media Tools:

Extreme Promotional Materials’ Facebook page will allow them to use social media tools to better their online business. By uploading photo’s of their past accomplishments they are displaying their talents to their online audience. The album tool can help them organize their photos into different categories. By posting status’ and photos daily they can keep their clients up-to-date on new products, services, deals, discounts, contests, upcoming and current projects, and events. Audiences can like or comment on the posts to give feedback which then Extreme Promotional Materials can take into consideration and learn from it. Facebook chat and messaging allows Extreme Promotional Materials to communicate instantly with their clients to solve issues, ask questions, and sort out details from anywhere at anytime. Each social media tool will be of benefit to Extreme Promotional Materials.

Social Media Engagement Strategy:

The mission, vision, and goals outlines what the company is, what it stands, for, and what  it’s hoping to achieve through social media. The mission statement will outline what they do and why they are doing it. Key messages highlights the most important facts clients should look at to help them decide if Extreme Promotional Materials is right for their needs. Also posting daily content, photos, and videos will provide audiences with an ides of the companies abilities and creative style. By stating their target audience they can focus on improving the company to suit the needs of a bigger client base. Knowing how to use the social media tools right will allow them to be succesful in updating their page, posting content, and engaging with their audience.

Social Media is a great tool for business but not everyone takes into consideration the thought process behind it. Having a social media plan will help you keep your page relevent, up-to-date, and professional. It also allows to clearly focus on where you want your company to go and how you want it to improve and grow.