Social Media is always evolving and an important part for business that are involved with social media is to keep up to date with the latest trends. It is in a businesses best interest to be as updated as possible because consumers want the absolute best products, services, and quality that are offered and if your business doesn’t have that then they will go to the business that does, and then your out a consumer and the profits from that consumer. In my opinion if a business is well equipped and involved in the latest trends it tells me that they are ambitious because they are looking to improve and that they are organized and prepared and that is an image as a business that you want to have. Some of the top sites with the latest trends on social media are Mashable, TechCrunch, and Social Media Explorer.  I’m going to share a story from each site about social media and discuss its importance and relevance to the business world.

Let’s start with Mashable. The headline is, “Facebook Testing New Timeline Format With Single Column of Posts” by Anita Lee. This story is about Facebook changing their format style yet again. This new format changes the design for profile pages that places all posts in a single column on the left, while activity updates, friends, places, apps and other sections are on the right. It was updated to try to make the TimeLine format easier to understand for users. When it first came out many were confused on how to use it.  Facebook is starting to test this new design with a small numbers of users first to see how the feedback differs. This is important for businesses to know because they should know how to properly use the TimeLine. If the business is as confused as the users are on how to use it then it doesn’t look like they are professional or informed which looks bad for the business. This new updated version of Facebook might make it easier for business to use their Facebook profile more effectively.

Another story this time from TechCrunch is “California Threatening Developers With $2,500 Fine Per Download For Privacy Violations” by Gregory Ferenstein. It’s about the California Attorney General  threatening app developers with fines for non-compliance with privacy notification laws. The purpose of this is was for the companies to post a privacy policy within their app that informs users of what personally identifiable information is being collected from them and what they are doing with it.  If the companies fail to do this they are vulnerable to huge fines that could potentially bankrupt a small country–$2,500 per download. It’s not probable that the states would be able to collect all money from maximum fines but for example if Angry Birds violated the privacy rules, the fines collected would pay off most the debt accumulated by the United States over the last 2 years (roughly $2.5 trillion, resulting from 1 billion downloads). This is important for businesses because if you have an app related to your business (which is not such a bad idea because like I said keeping up to date with the newest technology gives your business the advantage) you need to make sure you follow the rules regarding the privacy policy because the last thing you want is bad publicity and to go bankrupt. This impacts the world of business using social media because if it forcing them to follow guidelines that are of importance to the users. Users should know how their personal information is being distributed or used, especially by the apps they download.

The last story is from Social Media Explorer. The story is called, “Becoming A Social Business Isn’t Just For Social Media” by Ilana Rabinowitz. This story is about how social media has changed how quickly we expect responses from people and our expectations of shared knowledge. The new openness has affected the way businesses need to operate. Corporate culture is more interesting to investors and consumers these days. Corporate culture that relates to the principles and ideas of social media will do better in business. To have corporate culture like social media your business must; behave like a community, not a hierarchy, management doesn’t “broadcast” directives but is open and listens to employees, communications aren’t codified, rigid and ritualistic but flexible and spontaneous, innovation is a highly valued quality, information is open, the company does not rely on controls and procedures to guide decision-making, but on collaboration. This type of corporate culture is about the bosses in the  business behaving more like a community  of managers and the employees are the customers. This relates to how social media is used in business. It’s not just a great way to keep your business up to date but it’s culture can be translated to a business environment where they have more of a community than a hierarchy. I think that employees would positively respond to this type of business because it is more friendly and open.

The latest trends for social media impact the business world in a big way because it affects the value of a business, the way they operate, and how they can be used properly to show consumers that you have the latest trends and you understand how to use them.