Social Media is an excellent and updated way for business to promote their name and product/service, to inform their customers and get feedback through “likes”, comments, posts, etc., and to communicate to a bigger percentage of the population. Some of the most important people and business use social media as a tool in their success. For example: Barrack Obama uses Twitter. It’s like he continually voice his thoughts and ideas to a huge audience and win their votes no matter the time.

A few of the more popular sites are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Blogs, but they are not the only ones out there. There is quite a different variety of social media sites that are used and each one has its own unique features. So if you’re not using a social media site now get involved and sign up to see what you’re missing out on.  Just go to Google type in a social media site and click the home page to find out how to sign up. It’s that easy! Pinterest, StumbleUpon are a couple of the other social media sites and those are the ones I’m going to talk about today.

Pinterest is a new way to catalogue all your favourite pictures and ideas to make them easier to organize and see. It is a virtual online pin board where you can browse for pictures and ideas and “pin” them to different boards you’ve created. You have the option of just “like” ing them as well as commenting.  A “pin board” is slimy a grouping of posts related to a topic. For example: Gardening Tips or Recipes. You can browse pin boards that others have created and get inspired. People have used pin boards to organize ideas for weddings, gardens, recipes, decorating ideas, and a variety of other topics. This would be a great tool for a business because you can posts photos or any type of information on the product and/or services you have to offer and customer/consumers can “like” it and give you feedback through comments. This will work as a sort of performance evaluation of your business and offer a chance to improve and grow as a business. You can organize your products into different pin boards so it is easy to access and find certain ones they are looking for. Lots of people are using Pinterest so your expanding in advertising your business because you post it and then anyone else can repin it to their board, and this is a continual process so it is a really good idea to get your business well known. You also gain a better advantage over the businesses who aren’t using the site. An example of a business using Pinterest is Victoria’s Secret. Here is the link to Pinterest http:// and here is a link to a video on YouTube to show you a brief tutorial of how to use Pinterest for business http://

StumbleUpon is a website where you tell them your interests of what you are looking for and they generate a bunch of websites, videos, and photos posted on the Internet realted to that topic. As you look through the suggestions you can “like/dislike” the reccomendations they have provided you.  This is a free way for business to get connected with their audiences. I believe this site isn’t as effective as the other sites because it is less known and I’m not familiar with all the tools but has it unique traits that make it sucessful. To be a business and use StumbleUpon the right way you haft to personiliaze your page with a picture, and general information to give people a better understanding of what your business is. If you join communities realted to your business products/services to ensure traffic to your website is visited frequently. Continously “stumbling” can provide you with a high ranking within the communities that you’ve joined. When consumers/customers share your website with friends your business is being advertised for you by your customers. This is an effective feature of the website and an easy way to generate traffic to your business website and to advertise. Here is the link to the website to join http://

As a business today or for a business in the future it is important to use social media website to promote yourself, your mission, and your business to the next generation of socitey who use social media everyday in their lives. If you aren’t connected with one then your losing out on free advertising, consumers feedback, and customers in general. So get connected and update your online business frequnetly to be successful.