Pet Pawsitive is a fictional business and this week my assignment is to describe in detail how I would use videos like the ever-so popular YouTube to promote this businesss. The business has two locations in Belleville and Kingston. The main service provided by the business is providing behavioral and psychological training for pets and their owners, including basic animal education, obedience, rehabilitation and service classes.  At each location there is also a retail outlet that sells all-natural and holistic pet foods and a variety of training supplies. Pet Pawsitive doesn’t sell animals but works closely with local/national shelters and humane societies to connect owners with their new pet. The company is known for being very active in each of their communities, participating in and holding events and fundraisers.

Using videos to promote this business is a good idea because websites that stream vidoes are used very frequently. YouTube is the second most visited website in the world – next to Facebook (which also has the option to upload videos). This means a world-wide audience of pet lovers. Videos can be informative, creative, emotional, etc. There are many different options on how to promote this buisness through videos like; a product and service video, videos including footage of funny or cute pets, videos focused on the community involvement the business has, demonstrational videos on how they train pets, etc.

In my opinion I think the best way to promote this business would be by using a video that incorporates product and services, a brief demonstration of pet behavioural techniques, information on the community organizaitons they are involved with and also funny or cute videos of pets because let’s face it – everyone is going to pay attention more if they can watch a funny or cute video.

Funny and cute videos of pets is good and all but since this business isn’t involved with directly selling any pets they need to focus more on what they do have which is prodcuts and services. That is why I would include information about some of the product and services in the video. Like I mention above Pet Pawsitive provides behavioural and psychological training for pets and owners so in the video I would include a quick and easy demonstration of these services to give the auidence a behind the scenes glance and get them interested enough to want to find out more. If I’m a pet owner I don’t want you to train my dog and there you go –  I want you to show me how you trained him so I can learn as well. Because this business is involved with the local/national shelters and humane societies I would have something related to that in the video to promote not only the Pet Pawsitive businesss but also the shelters and humane societies. It gives information to the audience on organizations that need adoptive parents for the disadvantge pets, donations, etc. Like I said this video will be shown  world wide to pet lovers and if your a pet lover than you care about these types of organizations because you care about pets.

Here is a description of what the video might look like. I would start the video with funny and cute videos of kittens or puppies – since they are the most popular pets, and little ones because everything seems cuter when it’s smaller. This will act as a hook for the viewer kind of like when your writing an essay. You want a good hook to attract your audience and make them want to read it. Then I would advertise the business name – Pet Pawsitive and the products they offer. I would then mention about their services and have a demonstrational video of a how to train your dog to sit or something teach the audience a quick and easy tip and behind the scenes look at the training services Pet Pawsitive has to offer. I would then mention the community organizations they are involved with and give information on how to donate money or become an owner of a much deserving pet. I would end the video repeating the buisness name, their different locations, contact information, and information about the retail stores at each location and briefly mention what they sell.

Overall videos are a great way to advertise or promote business because they are like commericials and better than posters or billboards because it offers many more features like demonstrations for example. A good way to promote the Pet Pawsitive business through video would be to have a clip of funny or cute pet videos, information on their retail stores and products, demonstration vidoe of their services, and information on the communinty organizations they are involved with.


Just for fun here is a link to a funny pet video – Enjoy! : )