Facebook is the number one social media site for 2012. Facebook reported on September 14th that they had reached 1 billion users. If your a business that is a huge oppurtunity to connect with consumers, advertise your products, give updates, and be successful. La Senza is the company I chose to do this week’s blogging assignment about. La Senza is apart of the clothing industry but it offers lingere, bras, under garments, fragrances, lotions, and lip balms.

La Senza’s Facebook page has content like contensts, photos of behind the scenes photo shoots, exclusive upcoming products, and disconut deals on their products. For example; the had a Beyond Sexy contest where all you have to do is visit their page click the contest link and enter in contact information to win La Senza gift carrds. To promote this contest even further after your done entering in your information you have the option to reccomend the contest to a friend. This better promotes the contest, attracts more people to their Facebook page, and gets their company name better known.

Engaging with the consumers of your product is a big part of being successful. La Senza engages with their audience on their Facebook page through contest, asking their consumers quesitons and letting them comment to voice their opinion and by giving their consumers updates on their upcoming products. Contests attract consumers to the Facebook page and advertises their company brand. Asking for feedback lets the consumers have a say on problems, ideas, things they like about the company, what products they do or do not like, etc. This is important because people like to havbe their own opinion and they want to be heard. Feedback is  a good thing because it lets you better your ideas, and for business give the consumer more of what they want. Also by posting photos on their page about upcoming products benefits them because consumers will revist their page to see the next best thing and if they like it they’ll haft to have it. It’s a good way of advertising your new products and get people intersted before it’s even on the market.

La Senza uses beauty as the theme of their page. They also use the word sexy to promoter their products. They use photos of beautiful models wearing their products to attract consumers. This is improtant because women like to feel good about themselves, and they like to look good or feel sexy. So by uses the terms sexy and beautiful to promote your products gets womens attention because that’s what they want to be – so they’ll buy the product that lets them be that.  It’s a good gift idea for men who are unure what to buy their significant others.

La Senza overall uses their Facebook page very well. They promote their products, advertise to an audience of 1 billlion people, and get give the consumer a voice by letting them comment or like the posts on their page. These are very good ways to successfully get your business name out there, then attract consumers with photos, contests and posts about your products and keep them revisting your page wanting more and more.