So I am new to Twitter. I didn’t want an account, and I didn’t need one because I already am signed up for the ever-so-popular Facebook. I didn’t see a reason to join the ranks of Tweeters because I barley use my Facebook and I knew that I wouldn’t use Twitter. I used to think that it was just another site where people can ramble on, and on, and on, about their life and I thought to myself – why do i care? Now i see Twitter through a different perspective. I see it as a great tool for businesses to advertise their products and services, to connect with their customers and get feedback, and let’s face it businesses have to stay with the times to be successsful. This week’s assignment was to find a buisness that is using Twitter and talk about how their using there account so I chose Avon because I buy from them frequently and I wanted to use this as an oppurtunity to find out more about the company.

Avon’s Twitter account is frequently updated and they stay active with their Tweets. There Tweets mainly focus on their new and exsisting products, their new representattives, their ambassadors, beauty tips, and fashion. Basically there talk about everything they are involved from makeup to clothing.

They engage their audience by posting things of interest like the Emmy’s, but they post about things that are related to their product. So for an example they posted about the host and how she was turning heads. They are also engaging with their audiences beacuse they have a sidebar that shows recently posted photos. Some of the photos are of their products

In my opion they use there account well because they post information about their products keeping customers up to date and informed of upcoming products. It easy to access their Twitter account for information because you can do it online from anywhere instead of trying to get their magazines or trying to contact the closest representative.

Overall Avon along with many other business are using Twitter sucessfully to promote their products, and satifsfy the majority of their customers who use Twitter and other social media sites. Here’s the link to the Avon Twitter page below.