Google Blog

I chose to do my research on the Google blog. Since Google is an online business they should stay connected and up to date with their technology and the way they communicate with their users. The posts mainly consists of new product updates. However, they also blog about how they are connecting with other internet services, such as youtube, as well as Android. They anounces events they are involved with like The Big Tent Event in New York, where the Cirque de Soleil is performing. There is also posts about their exisisting products – mostly about Google maps one of their popular features.

In my opion they are using their blog very well because they are updating it frequently and posting about topics that interest their users. They talk about their new and existing products so if someone is looking for the newest update they can check out the blog or if they have a question about exisisting products they can also refer to the blog. It’s not all strictly about their products though. I read a post and watched a video on their blog about the U.S. election. They post things that are of great interest to people to attract more followers. More followers will create better advetrtising oppurtunity because more people will see their posts about their new products and features. Their posts are engaging because they have videos and photos to go along with almost every post and they blog about events that people can take part in like Google Science Fair, which by the way is already past so if your thinking about competiting – good luck next year.

Overall their blog is very engaging with the videos and photos and the different events they are involved with. Their posts are informative, relevant to their features and website, and are of hot topics that people are interested in. There is always new information because they have posts sometimes everyday. All the posts I have read have attracted me to read the next one and the next one so they have succeed in making a successful company blog that people will read and cotinune to keep revisitng the blog and reading.

Here’s the link to the blog: